What's the World's Biggest Food Fight?



Today's episode is brought to you by the capital one venture card the capital one venture card you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase everyday and you can use those miles toward travel expenses like flights hotels the rental cars and more just book and pay for your travel using your venture card and redeemer miles toward the cost capital one. What's in your wallet. Credit approval required capital one bank u._s._a. N._a. Welcome to brainstorm production of iheartradio. Hey brain stuff. Lauren vogel bomb here. There is a mother of all food fights and it is thumbing tina tomato fight. This is the largest food in the world and it takes place on the last wednesday in august just east year in the small town of virginia spain near valencia. The fight has gotten so huge that as many as thirty thousand participants descend upon when y'all to hurl squish tomatoes at each other an entire week dedicated to a festival with music food revelry end yes lots of tomatoes on that wednesday you'll be hard impressed to get anywhere near the town centre where truckloads of tomatoes are brought in for the big fight but don't worry from about noon to one pm chances are you can be just about anywhere in town down and still get in on the action. No one is exactly sure about the origins of let thumbing tina their stories of a food fight that broke out between friends and escalated go to a full town of flying tomatoes. Other origin stories include anyone from a bad musician to city councilman getting pegged with tomatoes by angry townspeople. One in story was simply that a tomato truck turned over in the center of town. People decided to have a little fun in the aftermath. The most commonly agreed upon origin has to do with a town parade full of townsfolk folk wearing giant headed costumes sometime around nineteen forty-five legend has it one of these human bobbleheads fell over during the prayed after some kids tried to join in and his costumed head was knocked off. He was so angry that he started fight with any in all takers. The local kids retaliated by raiding nearby tomato stand and assault him with the messy fruits. It's the following year the same kids reenacted the event and it followed as such year after year until it was a bona fide town event the city council and local police. We're less than excited about it and attempted to stop at various points over the years but they eventually embraced it and the notoriety brought to the small town of just nine thousand people. If you want to take part in the world's largest food fight you better make plans ahead of time the sheer number of people who come to y'all tomatino each year versus. The actual size of the town means that it's nearly impossible to find accommodations there. Your best bet is to reserve a room at a hotel or hostel in nearby. Valencia trains leave for bone. Y'all about once at our you should also he'd the following unofficial rules. The start and end is marked by firecracker respect the starting and ending times you you must crush each tomato before you throw it and avoid hitting the tomato trucks for the first thirty or so years of the food fight. It was strictly a b. y. o._t. Affair since nineteen seventy five though the ammunition has been trucked in by los colorados disown louise bertran loosely translated. This means the calvary or army of san luis bertran. The patron of the town of brunell roughly two hundred thousand pounds of tomatoes are brought in for the festival. That's about one hundred thousand kilos kilos. The police are pretty forgiving. During the fight as long as nothing violent happens and the crowd seized the fight immediately upon hearing that second firecracker after the partying continues and the clean up begins the tomatoes are hosed from the streets into the sewer system locals and shop owners chip in on the hosting duties but the majority of the washing away comes in the form of firetruck hoses so far the town is reported no nefarious activity or injuries and those traveling tuban y'all have been respectful of the tradition and its rules rules. If you plan on going to spain to take part in local montana you should heed the following tips. Do not wear flip flops or any close you care about. Don't don't throw any kind of non tomato object in the food fight including your own shirt do bring a change of clothing especially if you're traveling by train to and from when y'all also also bring along swimming or snow skiing goggles to avoid the sting of tomato juice in your eyes make sure your phone and any other devices like cameras are housed in watertight casings and finally know that there are no spectators at my dna. If you're there prepare to leave read. Today's episode was written by charles w bryant and produced by tyler clinic. If you haven't checked out chuck's new show moody crush you can find it anywhere. Podcasts are found brain. Stuff isn't production eye. Radio's has stuff works for more in this month's of other structured lee messy topics visit our home planet house works dot com and more podcast from iheartradio like movie pressure. Isn't the iheartradio app apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. 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