NASA astronaut caught in custody battle


Astronaut divorce a same but not that it matters of their same sex but that but evidently they they met in the military ms Mrs warden a former airforce intelligence officer ms McCain is a astronaut who's done missions up on the on the international space station she's on the short list list to be NASA's first woman on the moon well maybe not astronaut clean spent two hundred and four days in space orbiting the earth more than three thousand times but it's what she allegedly access what's there may have her in trouble back on earth I was shocked and appalled that kind of see the audacity of her to think that she can get away with that the accusation comes from a bitter divorce and custody battle estranged wife summer warden saying McLean used a computer on the international space station to access her bank account the pair has been fighting over warden six year old son in a statement on Twitter McLean says there's unequivocally no truth to these claims we've been going through a painful personal separation that's now unfortunately in the mean yeah her attorney told The New York Times the astronaut did nothing wrong it was only checking the family's finances like she had in the past NASA's inspector general is now investigating there's no question that a U. S. court so the bottom bottom line I know what you're all saying wait a minute they have faster wifi this peace station that I do well so that what's your carrier know OB so apparently so that the deal is they are you know communicate directly with internet satellites so they have a direct I'm in connection with their with the lower th orbit internet satellite to seven fairly early these to have like a slower than dial up system M. astronaut so I forgot which one which of the Kelly brothers is not the a whole anti gun a whole the the one who's got flown more he talked about and said well the emails okay we can't do anything else it was slower than dialup but apparently now it is much better so so the deal is with with this the word is that they do have her using her ex wife's log in and password for a banking account so she's not logging in under her credentials she is from the space station she was walking in on her ex's ID and password the Czech banking records to check of transactions and money and and all that and they have her by keystroke from doing it from the international space station so I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and say that that the that short list to be the first woman landing on the moon just get a little shorter rap war explain well I was enjoying that one away well you heard about the eggs the but the Kleenex when she was what she was just checking on bills a no normal banking or you're just doing what she's always on just monitors all of the money coming in all that no no no no you're avoiding the issue the issue is not whether she could do that for her own account she was doing it on her ex wife's account she retained the username and password and so you know meant many of us are learning that lesson when you're divorced crazy people you want to change your password

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