Simone Biles makes history with a 'triple-double'



I think for the first time in fourteen years for him and now he's got anthony davis. I think he's got to win. This game doesn't have to win other games. I think this is the statement game for the bron. James and i will be surprised if he does not winning for the los angeles lakers lebron james high up in the a playoff beat via top four seed in the western conference after april fifteen. That's not some game in this game is big for him. What do you make lake of simone. Biles pulling off two moves that no one else has even tried in competition all right tony. We go over these moves because they've never been done <unk>. I'm you're never been tried. The first one is a triple double where she performs executes three twists and to flips. I mean let's see russel westbrook. Do that triple double okay because again. No one's ever done this and then tony. We're gonna go to balance beam. Where she does is a double double dismount right double double from the beam again never been done. Let's see dwight howard. <hes> the king of the double double doubles at one point do

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