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The little mermaid being a prequel you can you can kind of shape it around your own memory of whatever your memory of the little mermaid is whether it be the ballet whether it be disney. It fits grimm's hans christian andersen's. Yes cut that hans christian andersen's anderson's lamented. I think i'm also going to give this book abroad. I think that this does fall more strongly into <hes> <hes> into fantasy as opposed to a prequel retailing. I think that this follows the hans christian andersen version much much more because it actually takes place during the hans christian andersen version the original version. I think that there is while there is definitely some some references and throws to the disney version which i highlight everyone and laughed so hard i do think that you need to have more than just the disney experience the little mermaid to really dive into this to really get everything everything that you that that you would want to out of this. I agree wholeheartedly. Okay so there we have it. The first section is done and when we come back we're going to talk about spoilers foresee which rising.

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