AG Bill Barr removes acting Bureau of Prisons director after Epstein's suicide


I like the fact that Attorney General Barr fired the they had a bureau of prisons reassigning you can't farm that easily because of the suicide death of Epstein Jeffrey up seems to happen because the two weeks ago he didn't say it out loud if the clear subtext the Buck stops at the top of the bureau of prisons and they brought back a long long time serving Kathleen hawks Sawyer ran that the bureau for over a decade and Mister Barr originally elevator during his first term as Attorney General corn the Wall Street journal editorial page which is perhaps why he feels comfortable with moving this quickly yet the fact remains writes the Wall Street journal one of America's most notorious federal prisoners a rich sex offender with ties to powerful people it dad Beijing Mr her which she was the head of the bureau of prisons is a step towards fixing obviously dysfunctional bureaucracy in restoring faith in a public justice system if only the FBI or the New York City Housing Authority face that kind of accountability I'm

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