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Into the previous homes and things we'd never thought we'd hear like america's is incredible to me included that without any moments viewed that apart the postal seeing that you absolutely adored and you can you think yeah that was the best thing we could play in the <hes>. Honestly it's almost every moment in the movie. I mean we we we made this movie. We used to joke as we were developing the movie that in this movie it's only the good parts. Let's put in the good parts in in this movie. We want their only to be great parts controversial approach to filmmaking we let's try something different the but for that reason it is every scene was designed to to <hes> pay something off or carry something forward or pale mosh to something or i pay something off so so i i do love almost all of them the the moments and again my you start every movie who've eastern lavar movies start with very few people in a room deciding to make the movie and then only a few more people like in the conference room where we developed this movie. There were two four six. Maybe eight to ten of us at any time then it gets to hundreds of thousands of people involved then it scales back down again again to five or six of cutting room. Yeah that's my favorite part of the process into those both of those questions. There were many times times where more so than any other film. I've worked on where we would watch a scene because we were judging you know whatever the late change was and then we just let it play and then we just have to stop a bit like okay. We've we actually have two so we'd watch quite often fifteen or twenty minute chunks of the film when really we only need to watch five because because we got absorbed into it which is very unusual in the cutting room where you just under the gun and you're trying to make the best that can be and on a few of those moments you could always see who's moment who would be triggered by what moment and you'd see somebody wiping their tears away from there from there is some some louder criers than other other room but the tissues quietly. I pretend like i was about to sneeze or something to grab a tissue and what my is one moment that will get you. Every time was at the tail end of the shot at the wedding when you win. Fury walks in a really because again jeff has done a lot of movies with going back to the first cap <hes> and and sam coming in there having not been in either movie brings with him the legacy of all those other films and alexi of all he had done as an actor and as a character for this world and jeff would always start to get choked up there. I've talked about the portal moment the moment that unexpectedly got me on the day when we were filming it. When we were getting inside the cabin was fabio and the and morgan morgan talking about cheeseburgers and jon favreau is such an amazing human being an amazing director an amazing actor he he was in video village with us in that cabin talking about something joking because he's always joking and he's always

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