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Let's get right to it Daniel Pantaleo was fired yesterday by commissioner o'neill and who better to we'll get his thoughts on this subject that I think is really dividing the city than former police commissioner bill Bratton good morning to you bill morning Michael so I got to ask you did your friend commissioner o'neill make the right decision in firing officer Pantaleo well obviously Jimmy commercial nail believe she did that he had access to significant amounts of information that's been gathered over the last five years the by the trial judge that went into great detail as to her recommendations so process was one of the I think everybody agrees that took much too long that will be one of the lessons learned going forward the the idea that historically police agencies the poor to the justice department the US justice department on issues involving US civil rights investigations I think this one will be a watershed in that five years justice department could not make a decision that delayed the NYPD Blue report on theirs I think in future years to be less difference the justice department but quite obviously occasional Neil anguish over his decision let you know by that one and that is say is the final say what message bill does it send to other policemen I mean a commission it was saying the chokehold was appropriate the beginning but he held it too long for seventeen seconds I mean seem to send a message to the police beat out he could be really careful when you arrest somebody now well technically that message is always there going back to my days in nineteen seventy joining the Boston police department at a rest the ultimate use of police power other than the use of deadly force and it's something that is always brought with Carol cheekily when that aggression is being resisted it was as it was in this case absolutely led to the awful tragedy in New York state as in many states there is no right to resist arrest and this one certainly have extraordinary tragic consequences for the god family discount certainly but also for panel ale for the department for the city for the nation as it wrestles with this historic problem that is very much in the forefront of very much look for fun over the last few years here in the ark because of the we got a case its resolution of the garner case in the sense of it was an action there was a charge there's been a finding there's a penalty but the issues underlying it all the racial tension the racial discord the country's original sin if you will what remains of apartment has been making great efforts with the support of many communities around the city to try and heal those historical tensions conditionally on particular the irony the neighborhood policing program that he lied about that that pushing very heavily these last so we is is beginning to take hold one of the things that would attempt to address is exactly the situation that the hospital they honestly gonna found themselves in Hopkinsville plaque that morning the idea of a community that wanted something done about major disorder in the in the area drug dealing distorted public drinking public urination they had said enough but as the police to into the sea please send to cedar and unfortunately the result was what with with us for the last five years going forward the the restoring order requires such as police action active which is based but it clearly is a shared responsibility do you have a message to the rank and file and the PBA as you saw was extremely upset there's some talk about job actions slow downs and things like that and obviously they feel put upon now and and and sort of dissed by the commissioner what would your message be to the rank and file today but it's the same one official nails quite pointing out that putting out to them that this was a tragedy for everybody but as New York City police offices as police officers if taken the nose to uphold the law to enforce the law to go to a danger and they will continue to do that I think some of the union comments unfortunate that being betrayed as a call to inaction in courage in offices to slow down if you will some offices may the majority will not the nature of policing often times require is strong assured of action and offices will continue to move toward the calls the service the calls to danger a slowdown serves no purpose because it gives the criminal element in the city a sense of the police aren't going to do anything and if it goes on for a long period of time then please trying to regain control is more difficult effectively a call for a slowdown in action increases the danger and risk June the oxy city police officers because the message will go out the cost of college the cops in cells are free to act well we we already have the situation with the cops having water thrown at them the other day in Brooklyn I actually shots fired whether trying to respond to will call I I think they feel pretty put upon right now and nobody's got their back again and you know in this this comes right after these type of episodes where it seems like this kind of behavior was tolerated well that's exactly the point I'm making the I. dear they do not feel that they are being supported the judge for example on one of the arrest was made in that melee a book from the other evening the the prosecutor in book one was not been particularly supportive of the police and the police are respected I recommend the ten thousand dollar bail according to the article I saw in the paper this morning and the the judge in that case basically put the the young man into a diversion program she didn't accept the bail recommendation from a district attorney's office who very seldom recommends bail in mostly focuses on the version this case he did not show it correct that is not a great deal of support on the criminal justice reform movement on the part of a number of Jie's water judges and cops understand that but the idea here is they still have to go out and do their job do it legally constitutionally within the guidelines and policies as if they don't then their job becomes even more dangerous to them and to the public as a whole that's just the reality of it Joe might be a B. H. H. slow down as it was back in two thousand fourteen during the tragic deaths of boxes the detective of the salute probably likely will there be a vote of no confidence informational nail in the mail almost guarantee but the as time goes on all this will basically be behind them in some respects as relates to this issue but the underlying problem is still there that yesterday was not a resolution it was with a basically a the swatch will particular incident at a particular time but the underlying issues many of which you just raging terms of officer concerned about not being supported at the ironically after three straight years of crime decline in the city which was largely brought about by the NYPD working with the ace that working with the community but largely the direct result of their actions and their sacrifices all right former New York police commissioner bill Bratton thanks for your thoughts thoughts bill we appreciate it okay all of us Michael good morning take care bye

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