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There. A couple of week breaks because it's very difficult to ask people's shoot for almost two hundred days straight but there is but it ended up. It's the scheduling of the actors that ended up being the best part of that because we have a lot of actors in this movie and and a lot of busy actors a lot of famous. This actors love actors that star in their own movies whenever they want to so we needed to declare this time. I'm for these two movies so that their availability could be. I don't know when we could ever bring them together again. If we'd only shot one of these i know there's one day in particular because as a single shot the film <hes> spoiler alert for the guide the back at tony's funeral were everyone was together. There are other shots as well in the <hes> in the huge battle as well. We'll sequence. How do you go about doing those win with those with those pulled off we shot some piss people have asked were they actually all together and for that scene at the funeral which in the script and on the call sheets and on every bit of paperwork apor work was referred to as the wedding and i still to this day the wedding scene as a as a code word but the wedding being seen was shot in october. I want to say of seven teen. No maybe october sixteen whenever we do you remember when we released a seventeen we released a tenth anniversary photo of it was shot the day before that that's why we did that photo ota than because we had everybody there and it was astounding. It was really astounding having all those actors. They're very in the movie. It's very solemn because they're all great great actors. It's very effective on the day. It was just insane because all these cast members together. Tom holland. I'm coming up to me saying is that michelle pfeiffer what is michelle pfeiffer and this what is happening paltrow asking why sam jackson was there well and the other actors jumping and what are you talking about fury. You've been in movies but it was really. It was really something something special and and and i think even i don't know if you've talked about this. I think down he came by at one point during that day to say hi. Actually he might come down the day before to see it as they were blocking

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