Cubs News: Joe Maddon 'Optimistic' He'll Return in 2020, Talks New Contract


Line in Pedro Joe Maddon kinda held court before the cubs Reds game today in Cincinnati and he was asked about his job security says he's very confident that he'll be back with the cubs next year and beyond do you agree unit is a good chance that man's back the new contract I think yeah I think it all depends on what happens from this point going forward and how they and the mere fact that this is even out there leave that there is something hotel for the night okay great a five year one in Cup history so that part yeah bad credit about but it's all about where are you now you know there's a lot of belief that maybe the cops aren't plumbing as well as they should there's other people that they say now this is what the cops are they gave not improve themselves to the point of being better than that so you know it's really gonna matter what the I think that that the only thing with regard to that little Terry Francona in any non Boston and look what Francona had done there so it's not like he's at first to making that kind of a

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