El Paso, Donald Trump And President discussed on NorCal Auto Talk


Still reacting to the shootings in el Paso and Dayton and I told you after the Muller testimony fizzled they're gonna go back to racism and that's exactly what they did that's exactly what they're doing right now how does this translate to Donald trump's racism the el Paso shooter was apparently inspired by white nationalist material he read especially in his manifesto he points to a book he read in twenty eleven let's see that's what five years or so before president now president trump descended the escalator trump tower and specifically said in the manifesto that I've had these shoes for a long time the media's gonna say it had to do with trump doesn't that's exactly what they did their knowing the Dayton shooter because the Dayton sure doesn't fit the script Dayton shooter want socialism Dayton shooter said he would support Elizabeth Warren let's see how many shootings were there under various other presidential administrations George Herbert Walker bush there were four mass shootings during his administration he serve only one term forty one dead thirty six hundred Bill Clinton eight Kathleen column by sixty two dead seventy eight injured George W. bush hate clothing Virginia Tech seventy five def sixty two injured so far Donald Trump Johnny these to the just happen six probably hundred fifteen dead Bronco BAMMA served two terms eight years there were twenty four mass shootings two hundred and thirty six dead so there were more mass shootings and more people dead during the term of Brocco bomber than any other president did the media blame him well bomb I didn't have any incendiary language Obama was not fomenting divisions among Americans away down which obviously you're comparing apples to truck elder really am I

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