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It is. What's trending this is now. Trending with ribbons on the tj show. Obviously one of the biggest top trending topics right now. Hashtag britney versus spears. That's the new documentary on netflix. About britney spears and her conservative you can go check that out. It is out on netflix. today it's going to be a big one. Okay now you know. As much as i love brittany. And i love her instagram. I like watching her. I've always said you know. I'll be willing to offer up my support to brittany. If she wanted to come live with me and get on the right track and all of that stuff you know back when i was running. Tj's home for wayward girls. Remember that. But i'm britney overload now it's gone too far and i now i've gotten to where i don't wanna watch either documentary any of those tired of hearing about it. Okay fair before. I even and i know i'm the only one everybody else is all into it and everything. I'm just saying how twisted my mind is. Is that once it gets way too popular. I lose interest. You're out I love that you were going to invite her over to your house to get better. Yeah that was back when she was hitting cars umbrellas and shaving her head and all that put her in a guest room or something. Yeah well at the time. I had a basement in the with the rena bedroom and bathroom. The hoping as weird as that sounds on the surface. They're both from louisiana true from a family big family and it probably wasn't that weird She'd probably loved it. Love to hang out and watch law and order. Yeah well. I mean jodi would be there to help her to so in a come on. Anita's jody and britney active exactly the same but But yeah. And i guess the when i look back on it a no now that her dad and let her have that information or she would have been there. Sure you've probably got jamie for. You wanna rehabilitated to block it from going the days home. For wayward girls. Jody britney at josh's farmers market home. Saturday they've been amazing. Today's national north carolina day. Our home state love that. I don't know how you celebrate north carolina day but it is north carolina. Timana remains up. That's how you celebrate. Hope he's doing. Okay mr pablo pd. We miss you. Aaa has a new item on. Its many which doesn't happen often right. So they put out the caso and people like immediately start ripping them. This is the worst. I've ever had so. It's a big deal when they put out a new item. Brisket is now on the menu. It's been on the menu for a couple of days very polarizing on the internet. Some people love it. They love you know. A lot of people haven't had brisk and especially if you haven't grown up in the south or you know people have never tried it if you've been jewish. You're never been jewish before. I i gotta think first instinct is not brisket is not what i would go to chipotle order sometimes head some brisket tacos and stuff from Some more of your upscale mexican restaurants and as good thing. I think it just needs to be at an upscale upscale mexican place than than than the way alligators. i like when arby's does brisk so if arby's can do brisket pote lake into brisk. I just kind of feel like arby's is more more inland with brisket than i give it a shot because they have the meat just seems i really like about chipotle is in commercials. It shows them cooking chicken thighs. Yeah on that grill Never noticed the real people to always the best chicken whose real by the people in those commercials. They're all real employees. So we're filmmakers they show making the guacamole and indefinite. it seems. I don't know legit and you're like okay. yeah but a of people said the new brisket has dry. You're gonna have to go try it for yourself And then you know. I used to love r kelly but after all these things have come out obviously no more but r kelly was found guilty on all nine counts yesterday in a sex trafficking trial in new york. He's looking at Decades in prison. He's not done yet. No he's still gotta do state trials i think in illinois and minnesota maybe so. It's not over for him but he's been in jail for two years already and It looks like he's going to be away for alone time by the time all these things are done say he gets out of this one when he say has to serve time where he gets out early. It looks as if after all these trials would be transferred to another jail. Yeah and then that would though he transferred to another. I mean it's it. Sounds like he's gonna spend almost the rest of his life in prison if he gets convicted of all this stuff. It's not a bright outlook for rob nor should it be at this point heinous stuff that he's charged with doing. Yeah definitely but that is. What's now trending okay so Alexis asks us all. Well didn't ask me but asked everybody else on the show a certain question last week for a segment that we were doing So we are going to ask you that same question and find out what your answers are in whether or not. They're going to hurt people's feelings but only people on the show. So you know we ain't got no feelings

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