El Salvador Embrases Bitcoin


Firming topic today. We're doing a global tour of bitcoin who's embracing this disruptive digital gold this proto money system. Let's start by doing a quick revisit to el salvador on tuesday's show. We discussed some of the controversy leading into el salvador's bitcoin day. The formal enactment of their bitcoin legal tender law on surprisingly and continuing the themes that i was just exploring the gladiatorial battle on twitter continued throughout the day professor. Steve hanky who has really really tried to use. This crypto cycle to jump to the very top of the bitcoin antagonist list. Just would not shut up about it. I mean we are talking about ten twelve separate tweets many which said the same thing over and over. Here's a good example contrary to president. Bu kelly's unfounded claims el salvadorians do not want. Bitcoin is legal tender. The only ones who applaud are criminals. They know that the bitcoin law paves the way for rampant money laundering and corruption. This is one of those arguments. Where as soon as you even dine to make it. I look around at myself. Everyone that i know. Who's working in this industry. All the people that i know who are connected to this industry all the people who are in places like asante who have proven over the last few years how. Bitcoin has relevance for community like el salvador. And i mostly just stopped listening to what you have to say. Because you're clearly not in it for an actual conversation. And yet he continues. He tweeted at least three times about bitcoins. Volatility bitcoin nineteen percent to a twenty four hour. Low of forty two thousand nine hundred and twenty one per bitcoin today to queens volatility is an obvious reminder that it can never be a reliable unit of account and thus can never be used as a currency. Btc is nothing more than a highly speculative asset. Naib kelly's bitcoin law will do el salvador. Never mind his careful use of hash tagging on. Bitcoin and btc gotta make sure. Everyone sees his angry tweets. Professor hanky also hated it when president. Bu pele bought the tip and made fun of the imf all in one tweet saying buying the dip one hundred and fifty new coins added. It appears the discount is ending. Thanks for the dip. Imf we saved a million and printed paper el salvador. now hold five hundred fifty bitcoin.

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