Pittsburgh Steelers' T.J. Watt Agrees to a 4-Year, $112 Million Extension


Get news that a deal has been agreed to in principle. Not sign but agreed to between. T. j. watt and the pittsburgh steelers. This was first broken by ian rapoport of the nfl network was also adam schefter. Espn that they have the deal in principle. I think they just have to put pen to paper. But it's agreed moving forward. Here's the deal. It's a four year extension worth just over our right around just over one hundred and twelve million dollars for tj. What would this has him as the highest paid defensive player in football now you can manipulate the numbers one way or the other to say how much it is per year. We'll get there all right. It's basically he's just over twenty eight million dollars per year from that extension and there's also eighty million dollars fully guaranteed at signing. Now we'll get into that in just a second but first i want to understand that. This is an extension so this goes on top of the deal that he already had for this year which was playing under the fifth year option where he was set to make ten points. I'm going from memory. I'm pretty sure it's ten point. Oh eight nine million dollars this

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