Ron DeSantis Has Given Republicans a Blueprint on How To Win


Rhonda santa's who's phenomenal has given all of us a blueprint on how to win. I know i'm way over time. But i'm just gonna okay. Yeah so a blueprint on how to win rhonda santa's band critical race theory. He has signed an anti rioting bill. He has refused to close down schools. No mass mandates no vaccine mandates and zero percent income tax corporately zero percent and anytime the media comes after him he punches back twice as hard and so rhonda has showed us that there can be a new era of republican leadership that there can be a new type of republican and guess what florida's not a comfortably republican state at least never used to be you know what's amazing with every new measure. He puts in republican florida. Becomes more republican. Here's here's the amazing thing is that people actually want leadership democrats included is that rhonda scientists implement something and two weeks later. Life is actually really nice in florida like this guy. I know that's a weird thing for republicans to here is that people actually can be led to follow republican pilots. Not everything is all of a sudden set in stone and rhonda santa's has the missing ingredient. Which is

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