Saquon Barkley Close to Being Fully Cleared for Week 1 Showdown With Broncos

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Giants fans the big big news on this monday morning. Labor day is report from. Nfl insider ian rapoport that star. Running back saquon. Barkley of the giants appears to be close to being cleared for action on sunday against the broncos barclay of course slightly less than than a year removed from a major knee injury Came off the pup list on august ninth has been slowly increasing his workload going from individual drills to some team drills to apparently taking his first contact on thursday encouraging news for the giants. Obviously that it looks like barkley is on track to to play on sunday. Bit of good news in for a giants offense that that hasn't had a lot of that throughout the throughout the summer. Obviously barclays a huge huge difference maker for the giants giants are expected to monitor barclay throughout the rest of the week. Make a decision later in the week but it sounds like things are trending toward barclay playing on sunday. It'll be interesting if he does play to see what kind of workload he gets. Remember that the giants do have another game just five days later as they play the the washington football team on thursday night actually four days later so two games in two games in the space of of of really four days and then thursday. So it'll be interesting to see how much the giants actually use saquon if he does play on sunday but great news that that He's healthy enough to perhaps To perhaps take the field on sunday and try to help the giants. The giants win a game

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