The Historical Importance of Singapore Ports


In modern times. Singapore wasyl is a global poll handing everything from kogo to passengers. What singapore all of his historical importance to the languages. If so when did it become so or was a focused mostly on trade slash kaga. That is a great question and it's not an easy question I mean this is relatively simple straightforward answer But it's one that requires a little bit of context as well. So singapore Was is as alex says very important port and nowadays will up until pre covert you know we kind of saw as a portrait world cruise ships would pull into There was obviously local crazy. There's been local cruising resuming in singapore with with dream cruises not something but You know historically the line. Voyages in the end the passenger ships that used to operate in this part of the world weren't just passenger ships. They were cargo carriers as well. So the the linas. This isn't an arab with thinking about the era prior to the nineteen fifties before jets before containerization of congo. The ocean liners used to be the primary mode of Of of large-scale cargo transportation. Along with things called tramp steamers which you'll see us to carry basically just goes and then i had combination line as well which was small compliments passages and large complement of cargo but the majority of the cargo travelled by ships that also traveling with passengers and in many cases the males as well because that Postal service was the the the subsidies where the backbone of the shipping lines in the early in the early days all the way up until the age of the jet so for singapore It it was an important port for multiple reasons kogo and and Mayo notwithstanding also for passengers because the singapore obviously with at that time was part of the british empire And so britain had connections into into singapore and for example would operate into singapore And also into other major asian ports from their hub in In the gulf of suez and then later when the suez canal was cut through they they obviously do the direct voyages that would go through from the mediterranean under originate in great britain.

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