Elon Musk Says Tesla Is Working on Humanoid Robots

Dude Soup


Yuan the muskrat moscow and some of his top engineers spent seventy eight minutes detailing how great their technology is at self-driving immediately. Afterwards he brought up a performer. Dress like a robot who bounced in shimmy to an electronic dance song. Yeah and it was a dancer. There was no android technology. Know this but the i in everyone else was confused as to why you would do such an insane. Thing weird yeah. Musk revealed his plans to build his own robot which is calling the tesla which only exist as the design plan currently and a person wearing spandex jumping burden. It's friendships tesla. Abo- can dead lift one. Fifty learn oh my god dangerous. It's not so that was that was the thing is i. Read the article. And there's very little information or or e lan spent a very small amount of time explaining what it could do it can do. Physical labor can do errands like chores and go to the grocery store for you or assembling. Perhaps is tesla working in a test. On

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