NFL Wide Receiver Rankings 2021


Football is right around the corner today. We're going through our consensus wide receiver. Reggie everybody likes wide receiver. Don't they wide receiver right gang. Judge go this is a big one guy. You can win your drafts with a lot of these wide. Receivers that we're about to talk about even if you drop them round one and round two and round three. Yes you certainly can. But we'll get to some. They can get much later. That are going to provide a lot of value in two thousand twenty one year. Yeah i can honestly say that. The one draft strategy to draft chinese. I've never taken a quarterback around one. And i have not taken a wide receiver in round one of any of my drought so far even super flex even supervise just getting. We just got some breaking news on sleeper that darryl henderson was injured in practice not return man would that be a huge injury to the rams funk season is funky town yeah davy jones. One of 'em jake fog or just a staffer. The woods cup higby season all adds to a man there on. Oh i hit. He's not gonna do me dirty two years in a row. That was a a when you're saying he is buy his jersey. If you finish for you. Oh i think i have to. That's too bad center role egg. I mean i. I don't own for that would be the economic shared the name first letter of the last name. I think it's a lot gusting at speaking injury. In preseason at all the things what are some preseason thoughts on wide receivers anything standing out or any injuries standing out anything. We should be on the lookout for as we get closer to the season. Starting all it's been kind of interesting like if you go to. Espn and just look. At the wide receivers. Half of them are listed as questionable. We're still a couple of weeks away from the season. So it's not overly alarming at this point but there are some injuries that are more alarming than others. That will get shortly. But let's start with our top wide. Receivers are we have devante adams tyreek hill stefan big calvin ridley the andrea hopkins and aj brown rounding out our top six. Which one of these guys do you wanna talk about. I think we could talk about devante. Adams tyreek hill. Just be as. I think i flip flop though is at least thirty times this off season gone back and forth between the two especially with rogers coming back. I don't wanna put davante adams at number one. You know contract year roger. They're going to go the big last dance. He's going to have all of the targets that he wants think he can get two hundred targets in a season. I don't but i think he's going to pace wide receivers when it comes to target. So i have devante adam just my number one. As well i think the touchdown potential. He is the favourite to lead the league in receiving touchdowns this year. Aaron rodgers coming back. That chemistry is as good as any quarterback wide receiver in the entire league. Yeah i had tyreek hill number one until aaron rodgers. I made it official that he was coming back and then davante adams shot right back up to number one. I have devante at number two tyreek at one. Like i said i flip flop all over but even as projections. I have devante adams at one hundred and sixty five targets. And i think that's conservative to be honest. I think it is still i. I got about one seventy five. Yeah i don't think he comes anywhere near two hundred I have team range. That one one sixty one seventy i. I also kind of a little bit worried. I think this offense could be worse than it was last year and cobb amari rounders are two factors that they did not have last year. That are legitimate receiving options. I do think that devante adam. I'm not gonna say this. I think he could actually Kind of disappoints fantasy owners this year. I'm not projecting it that way. But i see the path to it happening this year. Unlike in yourself.

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