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7 40 Ktrh Houston Drive everywhere with the I Heart. Now the latest news, weather and traffic from the gallery furniture made in America Studios. Six to Houston's Morning News. Jimmy Barrett here along the sheriff friar among our top stories this half hour, the White House is claiming victory for those Americans who got out yesterday. The 20th anniversary of 9 11 and coming up at six await the statue is gone. But there's a time capsule defined details of the minutes ahead. You're in Houston's Morning news first. We're checking out the morning drive your sky, Mike. All right, I'll I 45 this looks pretty serious. The super friendly helpful people at the tollway refused to give us much. But southbound looks very serious on the ramp to the hardy toll road southbound also been from the South Side says to 80 eight's fine all the way to Lake Jackson. I'm sky Mike. Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 Hour traffic Center from the ktrh Top Tax Defenders 24 Our Weather Center. Partly cloudy with a high of 92 Today Terry Smith with the complete forecast in about eight minutes, Right now, 69 at your officials. Severe weather station NewsRadio, 7 40 ktrh time now for the news here, Sheriff Fryer. And good morning everyone is now 603 on NewsRadio. 7 40 ktrh. Our top story this hour Surprise surprise new reports of resurgence of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

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