Jesse Watters on His Book 'How I Saved the World'


Let's get into book. It's called how i saved the world. How did you save the world. Jesse waters tell us. I saved myself i because anybody that knows me needed. I needed saving. And this was after about twenty years at fox news starting in the basement. And now i get to sit next to dana. Perino and greg failed both of whom haney tiny people incredibly tiny now by the way. You're not gonna. You're not looking at the camera. I know you're new to this. I want you to look at the camera. Because i want people to see your happy handsome face. Are you look very say much better. Now jesse. seriously year on the five year. With juan williams. I got on a big rhubarb with one. Once on a on one of the fox shows but keep keep going sorry rhubarb. Why i have to hear about this. Show i so i got to a place in my life where i just wanted to tell these crazy stories about being fox and going on these adventures to these liberal bastions of just insanity san francisco nude beaches and martin's vineyard and i wanted to tell these tales about ambushing bad judges and confronting celebrities and interviewing college students on the beaches and quizzing them about american history. And so i thought this was a great time. Share it during in nineteen. I had nothing else to do except write this book. So how i save. The world went to number one. It's first week on the new york times bestseller list and we're still on the list and it's it's thanks to you and it's thanks all the people that that bought it and read it and i'm just really

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