Athletic Performance Coach Erik Huddleston On Managing Squatting and Squat Training


We could start there so someone who can't get down. Get low on the court. They have a problem with that. I know titles but on the show talking about squatting in an elevator. I think to me. That's the easiest way i just see. That is the ability to manage the pelvic floor. But i'd like to get it from the feet up to and and like the early stance amid stance. So could you maybe kick it off by sharing a little bit about just getting into low position. Level changes what that means from. I mean yes squatting but also like the the stance the phases a stance and the feet. Right yeah so from from squatting standpoint start there is like i sure that everybody almost everybody is listening to. This has has recognized or current before with the people that they work with that. You know there is this kind of forward orientation that a lot of people have so. We're being driven forward from behind Kind of like which look at when you look at gate with that is like a constant falling catching yourself as you go forward. That's necessary for certain things will get later but I think the most important thing to recognize. I is that you know if you exaggerate this. If anybody listening stands up and just like leans forward like for your tibia ghettos and so as you get handed this this more anterior translation of your tibia. Those are movements that are going to be as long as the heels on the ground. those are movements towards middle potion. so i'm as soon as the cal- kenya's breaks your into later phase of propulsion But if tibia isn't isn't vertical on starts to break forward you're moving towards the middle worship propulsion and. That's more of an ira bias general. So let's say like someone comes and they're squatting in noticing a ton of like horizontal pelvic displacement so their hips are going back there chested dumping ford. It looks very much like what she would want. If you're going to have them do a trap or dead lift if they're already biased towards that middle point ocean they're going to continue to follow this to be forward and so they're going to be unable to to have any type of vertical displacement of their elvis down in a squat That's there already in heaven i. Ira bias there. So they're going to follow that forward. Because i are doesn't allow for a lot of what we consider like. General movement qualities suid variation in movement. irs compression i are. Is you know force production. It's not necessarily not necessarily like fluidity of movement or you know. Look people would consider mobility

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