All About Mission Based Time Building

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What's up walling. Hey bobby how are you fantastic. There's always this week something that we get asked a lot about the. We don't really talk too much about but this week is all about mission oriented time building. A lot of people have asked us questions on the internet and via social media about you know how what are some smart ways to bill time. I think a lot of people are hoping. There's these a magical freeways out there. Wally that we could bill time and save money but better than splitting the cost. There's not many good options out there but we're going to give you some ideas to make it. Maybe a little less boring monotonous and talk about some ways to build some time with some mission based ideas What do you want to start off with today wally. Well what i want to start off with his is probably thirty. Thirty years ago The airlines started a a new trend in their training. They came up with a phrase called line oregon -ted flight training and we referred to it as loft l. o. f. t. line oriented flight training and basically what it means is rather than for a simulator session rather than just go in and say Let's see i think will work out of Of houston today. And we're going to go up and we're going to do some stalls and we're going to do three or four approaches. We're gonna do some engine out work. the airlines started trying to make it to where it was actually mimicked a real a real flight in other words okay. Today we're going to fly from houston to atlanta and in between houston and atlanta. We're gonna have some emergencies and we're going to treat it as if it were a real flight in other words we're gonna get in the simulator and we're going to have a time that we want to be off the gate. We want to try to simulate the rhythm of a real life flight

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