The Things We Eat For Others


We're closing off our six part series talking about food and relationships with writer baker and fellow food lover. Zoe dent berg. We recently published an essay from. Zoe called. never again will. I go vegan for a man about how in pursuit of a romantic connection. She stopped eating meat and dairy almost entirely. I found it's so relatable it's just part of being in a relationship that we don't really talk about a lot and usually for my experience. The person with the stricter diet tends to influence the other. so today. we're gonna get into all of that and more with zoe as well as ben. Weinberg the man who's zoe tried going vegan for welcome to the podcast. Both of you. And i am excited to get nosy. Things manda beer. So if you haven't read zoe's essay yet here's a bit of background. Zoe and ben went to the same college. The even had some mutual friends but they actually didn't meet until they separately moved to birmingham alabama for jobs after graduation. So tell us now about the first time you hung out one on one. How did that happen. We talked a little bit about how much we both liked cooking so then invited me over apartment downtown to cook. It was like this super-buick when you are when you're having this conversation does say he's vegan. His veganism was a running joke. It was one of the things that i learned about. Van nuys like. You're actually vegan. So i i did know that he was again. I did not know how we would cook together considering. I was allergic to half of his diet. Okay wait what are you allergic to. So i'm allergic to gnats in sesame all nuts all nuts and meanwhile i put like i love homocide. I love putting. That's is one of my favorite spices which zoe taught me has sesame in it. A lot needs in that one. Yeah yeah okay. We're gonna do this together. We're going to hang out and we're gonna cut. Yeah and then also do not tell me what you're gonna beforehand. He just like call me and gave me a gris relaxed. Because i didn't know what we were to cook beforehand. You know three hours before you're gonna hang out of van. I remember. I got there and you had the recipes pulled up your laptop and i was like oh like we can go off of this and you know we have to do the recipe when ben has a recipe is very adamant about sticking to it. Even though he's very chaotic in the kitchen. I feel the same way. It's all or

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