A highlight from 148: Sam Sparro!


There. We go there we go here we are yes. An beautiful voice you hear is the voice of none. Other than sam sparrow low. We both kind of have these. Like baritone lowly. Lean here yes. Relax you relax. Let's say sexy voice in yes settle in. It's going to be a good time. Listen up lungs my lunch something you may not you may forget something i know i will I know i'm gonna get confused. Hi it's so nice to see it was nice to see you too. It's been so long crazy long almost two years. I remember chatting with you in london sick in bed. Yeah phone worried about whether they were gonna close the borders and all that. Yeah whims that february. Much smarter around the time. That top march on i remember. You said it's a good thing. He got out of there before they closed. The borders. And i was laying in london and i went. What didn't i didn't realize you was still there. no i was departing. I think the day after or maybe two days after something like that. yeah. I may have moved my flight up. I think you did move your girl. You bet again you were. And then jason had a similar thing for some reason in my head. It was like when i get home. Everything will be okay. Do you know because he had this year. It was like a two weeks to flatten the curve. How long ago was that. I think i was rapid cycling between knowing like oh my god. We're in for a bad time. But you and it helped me sort of go over that. Because i was in this weird i had covert basically. That's what we figured out that. I had some version of it. It didn't affect my factory senses but did do a number on my stomach. It's all i was so sick. Yeah i know a few people. That had a li vid kind of before it was like she established. Yeah before before. All and i don't think they knew at the time. Yeah that it was that because there was reports and i was terrified catching it but all the reports seem to be totally different. It was just basically like if you get this you. Total shutdown total shutdown. Don't see anyone don't don't go nowhere. Don't touch nothing and maybe don't go to the hospital because you'll die there faster. I went to the hospital so many times in twenty twenty. I had a bicycle accident. Oh my god that's right. I remember this also hearkens back. You know you'd see like Or not see that there would be an absence of presence for in your life from everyone right and then something horrific happens and then suddenly remembered they existed all. it looks like his. there's just pain Do you know because no one was in the mood. We weren't posting. I mean what's interesting about sitting in pajamas and watching terror watching cnn. All day eating pint of ice cream. that's not that interesting. No it's not. And plus you like. I'm not taking photo like this. What are you talking about. Yeah what ice cream did you get into I'm a okay my favorite. There's this haagen-dazs that's got like caramel cone in it. Oh yeah i do. I do know which it's deadly deadly. Do once you pop you. You can't stop. The lid never goes back on ono. Because there's a whole activity then then activating the cone. Yeah right and you're getting crunchy. You're getting sweet salty. Forget about it once you're done. Yeah and it's not even a layer. It's the middle the center Yeah right it's like a nuclear reactor really the centrifuge a lot of eating and sitting. Well especially after your bike accident. What happened with that. I so i. I think it'd been in lockdown for a few months. And i was like i need to get outside. I need to get some fresh air. I need to get moving. I need to just you know. So i got a mountain bike and i live near kind of some mountain. Trails had no clue what i was doing. Just thought gets a bike. You get on it you go up go down and you go up the mountain because it's amount but yeah and when you go down the mountain if you hit your brakes yeah you will fly off the bye. No and so i. I went flying face. I broke my nose. I had stitches on my chin. Rave broke my elbow which is like about a year recovery. that's in the top five of the hardest to heal bones right. I would think so but it was because it was like in a cast. And i wasn't moving it for a few months. Once that was of. I couldn't straighten it took months to be able to even straighten my on. It had been kind of like fused in a. Oh did you have the feeling like well. That's that for guitar or anything. Anything i mean. It was like i had to have my husband.

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