Inspiration4 Crew Returns to Earth After Historic Flight


Historic journey to spaces on the books tonight. The spacex dragon capsule the splashdown in the atlantic ocean. Off the coast of florida with the world's first all civilian four member crew give is in port canaveral candice. This adventure has been ground. Baking in so many ways it hasn't been groundbreaking and shows that the sky is really no limit for civilians. And i'll tell you. We heard this gigantic thud here in port. Canaveral as dragon capsule made its way through the atmosphere. And then that just beautiful landing in the atlantic ocean wrapping up this beautiful journey tonight. The return to earth the first all civilian space crew to orbit the earth wrapping their history-making three day mission. We're giving all of our time right now to you science research and some ukulele playing and trying to raise awareness for an important cause for us back on earth the inspiration for billionaire jared isaac men. Who's bankrolling the trip bone cancer survivor. Haley arsenault scien- proctor. The first black woman to pilot spacecraft and chris brown sqi who won his ticket through sweepstakes there last hours in space spent taking in the views snapping photos in the specially designed capsule dome even chatting with bano the blasted off from cape canaveral. Wednesday evening on a spacex rocket their capsule the dragon measuring thirteen feet wide. Their home as they whizzed around earth at seventeen thousand miles an hour. It's been really interesting to see how fluid shifts with my gravity environment mission part science to determine the effects of space on the human body and park charity more than one hundred fifty billion dollars raised for saint jude's children's hospital where arsenal works patients. They're getting a rare treat. Thursday

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