AOC's Bill to Extend Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Spoonfeeds Socialism


On it. But another big story that has been the talk of the town today and I'm no, I'm no Larry Kudlow right when it comes to financial news. But the Dow tumbled 900 points as Wall Street's fears turned to China. Jane and this is bad and the reason it's bad is because people are losing their shirts. And have the potential to lose their shirts. Now we saw this. This plummet in Wall Street. And it's because of all this speculation over ever Grant this Chinese, this huge Chinese company that owns tons of real estate and is slowly becoming insolvent. And this is a problem. That is not only going to affect China's economy and send a massive blow to their economy. It's going to send a massive loader our own economy. And In the midst of all of that AOC all out crazy herself. She is, I guess. Maybe, um, thinking, let me take advantage of every good crisis I can find. And she says, you know what? We're going to extend the pandemic unemployment insurance, and I say, Hey, let me get some of that right there Giving out everybody Let me get some. But AOC. She's going to introduce a bill to extend pandemic unemployment assistance benefits, which expired in September. She talked about this last week and talked about introducing and I think, put it out there, but She's back. And she's saying this, uh, virtual town Hall. Sand, blah, blah, blah. We're going at it. We're doing this thing. Now I think that she may gain some traction with this. I'm not sure. I really don't know. But I do know that if we continue to do this The result is the same. And what I mean by that is Money that's constantly coming in from the government that isn't being earned by the people and again unemployment insurance is a different story. But that may be the easiest way to spoon feed

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