The Battle for 2024 and the Future of the GOP


Now. I want to talk about in trump shadow because the column today is about books. I reading books. I don't read having to trump. Could my professional obligation requires me to read. George world book andrew sullivan book. Jesse mccarthy's book. I got lots of books to read. I'm always reading. So i can't this flood of trump books. And i mentioned to that. I will be reading one by jonathan karl from abc and david drucker and trump shot. Because both you and karl actually have sources in trump world. What is in trump's shadow going to be about david. It's going to be the future. So what i tried to do with. This book is examined trump's impact on the party with an eye toward what that means for what comes next. And through the prism of what the twenty twenty four america look like and so to the extent that there is reporting in the book. And there's there's a decent amount of it that comes from the time of trump's presidency but even before that it's really about how a lot of the republicans that want to run for president twenty twenty four. We're preparing to run for president long before trump left office and at the same time taking a look at how trump's rise as a republican figure and then president impacted in changed a lot of the party so that we can try and get a handle on what this next generation of. The party is going to look

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