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Look inside say because we are joined by four of the people who represented and fly the flag. Ford ford flag that being tickled rising. And we're talking too. Timid would ceo and team principal. Mattie robert's day manager. Chris you'll commercial manager and cam ward's number six welcome gentlemen frankel. I had thought about outlaws. Why which teams off right and we were thinking that we wanna what success feels like. Ice like looks like All sorts of things to the different parliament by lodge team and while you're a three team this year nikki back to a four car as big as any other. Tim will start with you. What do you feel that successful. Intoning twenty one. Well you know. I'm not sure this is any different to any of the reality is. We're racist in this industry and and we want success track You know you can. You can focus on other things lockdown profitability and all those things that will take along in the background but ultimately will want to win on tracked. And that's that's why we're involved in this incident. That's why we're able to route chosen this career path and so it's that that's sort of face. Oh and say ma. Success is probably a bit different two cans you know. I'm looking at four cows and and wanting to be successful whereas cam and anyone sort of you know intimately involved just one cow. I'm probably have a slightly different view. But you know we do. We do win and lose. And the beginning you get out of that becomes because you know unfortunately full papal next year when obi out of standing on the top step three of them are gonna be. It's gonna happy it does make it a bit of a challenge. But but for me. And i think mostly guys bride. It's success on track. Is what we all do this and the other bids profitability. And i am independent but We'll feed the of synagogues in the party cam. You felt that your answer. Look end of the day. We're tame and teams has voted sixty Depending brown's whole qasem and we're all working on on different cows and push for the same goal. Say i do agree with jim. We're wanting to be out there by my wide is a the base on on on the top stanton signed not on the top sample. They might be best. Hot one to to gianluca. I'm always happy on winning. Mattias the person who stands in line and tell us does it actually taste like and it's not just that champagne out of a low boot. Maybe yeah i mean we can We can decidedly look at las ran tiny because we stood on that top steph at at townsville and it actually felt like a a real achievement in a real Hod full win. Towns will to battle the watch gazing and cam go at it in our twentieth thirty laps intents and the the reward the team gets you know when we crossed that lawn And take that wing. It insist is such a great feeling. Essentially the sense of achievement. In i was it was a battle really unite was to to juggle scown at it and I we come out on top sometimes. Aren't in those days. You feel dan not the not so much she let yourself dan all the tame but it that feeling again. An is better feeling than the sense of achievement. You get from winning in just the the pure hard work that goes in during the wakes between united as rams especially when we're coming up to in multiple rounds in rather than the work that goes hong Meet weight is it's a great reward for the for the guards and i know your racer and going back to win. Used to call me on the whale. Your idea of success may have a different version. Different slow slide to the. Am story trinity. That probably was tiny Tomei do i'll have held the wheel off the from a commercial perspective in an era where there's so much competition across different sports. Different advertising mediums and obviously competition within the category to maintain relationships with commercial bottlers. It's just galvanizing relationships in a way that you can enjoy success from a immeasurable perspective on track. But at the same time you underpin the objectives that the sponsoring entity has in being involved in the first vice. Ideally with a long and healthy relationship. You have to look back. How long marlboro mclaren or involve jump last fish. Ladas and incident ages with jody. Wynn team was ed. We're we're now sixty with monster energy drinks and we wanna be sixteen years of them side. I think it's it's really addressing. Oldman rising addictives but winning crafts landfall to accelerate from and ultimately to the point where. You're harnessing the delight of the that that that company on the journey and we're one hundred percents no commercial partners to maintain ericsson's some track and the same thing for any new podcast which we've been lucky enough to bring in four or five new departments during that close of last year and and and seeing the satisfaction getting old somewhat truncated because of the current restrictions just ensuring that we've got a dick guided existence with those people which allows the business to be showed up in a wider week and spend money on things to kate when he just looking at the overall picture of a season can winning happen without a trophy on standing on podiums on it's over bat i mean remember was but i think the year that rick won the championship motivating in a one one race china. But that's certainly not the case in that category moina win the championship. You've got to be winning in on multiple occasions. Not just just not just one. You can't just accumulate fifth places anymore. Because there's people at the moment that will accumulate spices and now though but your hands dance. I you know i think the other thing is you know the the emotional connection mistaken. You draw round the party of in spread the champagne chasing me down the pit line porn buddy champagne them Waters bloody bug. Does you're not get that 'cause you finish fourth you're only get that experience and that adrenaline rush and everything that goes with it and But standing on the party of men and not imagined for cami and he gets that adrenaline rush of in the ause. He's coward where he wins. The rise yeah you gotta you gotta get. You gotta get super with cameron. I know one of the things at the three people. You're on air with cy. And a good number of people around the country would fail is. It wasn't the fact that you one townsville. It was the fact that the blood who was only a bomba. And that was a fantastic drive that you put in and i imagine that the use spatially who knows that hate

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