Candelario and Garneau Homer, Tigers Beat Rays 4-3


Was a uranium earned his fourth win in chamber Candelario hit a sixteen home runs the Detroit Tigers defeated the Tampa Bay rays forty three candle areas three run blast off rays starter Ryan Yarbrough came in the top of the first inning and catcher Dustin Garneau added a solo shot his fifth of the year an inning later Garneau credits his teammates on being able to bounce back from Friday's collapse to take the game feels like the game last night hurts more than I get blown out because you're there playoff teams and the way we responded it was awesome tweets we want to see your in your followed a three inning scheduled start for tark's Google by allowing just two hits while pitching into the seventh the tiger snap a two game skid while Tampa bay's leading the American League east and now down to seven and a half games over Boston Steve Kearney St Petersburg

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