Breakdown or Breakthrough? UN Chief Lays out Stark Choices for Humanity

UN News


Ahead of the high level week of the seventy six. Un general assembly session which begins on twenty first of september. You g antonio guitarist launched a common agenda his vision for the future of your organization. The report lays out two distinct divergent visions for the world. One of breakdown in perpetual crisis or a breakthrough to greener safer world at the heart of the vision is enhanced multi-lateralism with a summit of the future creating a new global consensus on what the future of the world should look like. And how to secure it sometime. Thomas away from your news sat down with mr guitar. Wish to discuss the report as well. As the un chiefs take on some pressing global issues including the humanitarian situation in afghanistan and the covered nineteen pandemic. She started by asking him to explain why he remains convinced. That multi-lateralism is the key to a better world. Look what has happened to. Our worlds vitals is defeated. The world's more than linear in the health after everything started we still have the vitals spreading everywhere and we see that impact on the lives of people that are mexican cuisine inequalities economies in extremely difficult situations and of course the most vulnerable suffering enormously and the world's was not able to come together and to define a global vaccination plan and bringing the countries that produce vaccines or can produce vaccines together with the organization with the in international financial institutions to then the with the pharmaceutical industry and doubled the production. And make sure that there is an equitable solution at the production. This cannot be done by country alone. Sweden by all the problem. Is that the multilateral issue we have now which is essentially late. Show them late. Show is not even the power to obtain information about the situation.

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