A highlight from Kingdom Come #2


S. bird is implying. This is jason j. Louis the voice of superman on justice league action. What you're listening to the on reports walk into the crypt report. The all things trip. Tony podcast where we talk about. Anything the superman supergirl crypt on dc comics in tv movies. The you games comics. I'm your host tyler. The superman blue the man of tomorrow dawn. Today's episode we're gonna do kingdom. Come issue to by mark wade and alex ross. And of course as always can't do it alone. I had to call him the big guns. That's right guns. Welcome the man of steel. A superman red james. Some man cole. James a tyler. Just pumping up these guns mornin clean. I know james is working right now. Hardcore on creating the fortress of james a tude. Yes sir james. A little bit different than me. See when i moved. The first thing i did was secure holler justice here and i was like i need more space james. He was good father. He took care of the rest of his family. Thin started his. You know room for him. Well what can we say you know. Sometimes you just need your own space. Yeah well in here for four weeks now. I think it's time i start to clean up. Area is crazy. What's time goes but let's see not really any news since our last conversation. I think the only thing was. I got to watch the newest episode of titans think. Five lazarus lazarus it really. It really helped put what they were doing with this red hood in perspective Got a suitcase june. They would name drop in a metropolis so that was cool. Still i just i still such a hard time with eyeing win as bruce wayne. Yeah yeah. I mean and for the fact that it's such a compressed time line you know mom for the fact that you know i mean yeah dick grayson is is fully grown and he's like a long career as a at least to the beginning of it and then you know from the time. He leaves abroad jason a week later. What at in what time frame was barbara bat. Girl and had her accident was that before the show started. Yeah dick was younger it also. I mean it's also interesting as jason couldn't have been robin for too long for barbara to say she knew jason sheila jason's like It is. I mean that's the thing you run into the with the bat family as something that scott snyder address with the new fifty two was compressing. Time line. so that you can get tom. Dick jason and damien all his empire in essence That's what they aged up degrees to be more like sixteen win. Bruce takes he man They had tim be red robin. So there's some overlap and one of those things that you kind of have to compress the time line said it. Just now i mean i think i think the timeline needed to press you. Know for as many years been robbins. Been around for eighty years. And we didn't get a second robin until what seventies or about the seventies right seventies not. Sure when jason todd came about. I would say the eighties. Because i'm pretty. I know him died in the eighty s. But i'm not sure how long he was a rare long. Let's fancy dancing thing. We have called the internet. And that's exactly what. I'm type in information jason. Todd i as robin eighty three. Oh wow so even a little bit later than i

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