Chris Brown Calls out Kanye West Following ‘Donda’ Release


Chris brown is not happy with connie west. Really yeah county. Allegedly cut one of his verses from donde with dropped yesterday morning. If you missed the news well chris's vocals appear on the chorus of this song. It's called new again of the album. Thursday dip color jersey. Every thursday who picks jersey is delay additional verse that he apparently reported and that was nowhere to be found wind down to finally hit the streaming services. I have this chris brown version and it sounds a little different. Who hannay a whole ho. What chris wrote on his instagram story in response to this snub so here he on the chorus again. No averse though and other post cordial about once he said. Nah he's weakened and he's not the only one who's frustrated with kind soldier boy also blasted him for ditching his verse soldier boy. And it's been us. I don't even know what song was supposed to be. Part of soldier boy still around. Apparently for he's Making those fake video game systems that he got sued for and then jail part to which i play for you. A few times this morning features marilyn manson and a lot of people are still just like really upset and uncomfortable about that. I know he was. He made an appearance at the donde listening event in chicago last thursday night but he's facing multiple accusations of sexual assault and abuse. Even kim kardashian wasn't aware that he was going to be at that event last thursday and it just rubbed her the wrong way.

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