Things Seasoned Cruisers Do: Always Carry a Passport


Covered this in our last few Episodes were. We talked a little bit about the mistakes that new cruisers make. But this really bears repeating. Because it's a huge thing right now. And i think that this is a takeaway that cruisers who may be new to our podcast or maybe new to cruising they need to hear this but cruisers in the know almost always travel with about sport. And you know of course you can manage a closed loop cruise with birth certificate photo. Id but it's so much easier and so much less risky to invest in a passport and rather than just saying. Trust me on this one. Let me explain if few things you number one if you get stuck in a foreign country for any reason let's say you test positive for covert on a ship and they send you home through another destination and you don't have a passport. You may have a very difficult time getting home. Another thing in the united states. Did you all know that in the coming years you're going to have to have a real d in order to fly so a lot of people are getting real ideas right now in place of their driver's license but another solution to just to have a passport. And if you have a passport you don't need a real. Id because you can fly with a bass board. So i recommend doing it for grownups for anyone who's looking to travel save a little extra money you know. Eat a few less dinners out. Do what you need to do. It's not that terribly overpriced to get a passport. It does take a long time at the moment so get on it do it early. And just just make the investment

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