Steps to Avoid Injury When You Aren't Training for an Event


So i to quote just love to run and not training for anything and we have similar mileage. Although my weekday runs about six miles in weekday want weekend ones or eight to ten. So the three things that i credit to keeping my injuries at bay is foam. Roll nearly every morning. I do dynamic drills post. Run that i kind of probably talk about far too much on this show and i strength train them two hours a week. I string train Twice a week for an hour so Yeah those are. That's what i do with that kind of mainframe of running to keep me. you know. Not limping down the stairs and away from any. Pt's so what are what are your thoughts. Do i mean. I think that's really smart right. I think foam rolling is awesome. Staying strong is the second stool second leg on that stool and and the third one is. You know making sure that you're properly warmed up and cooled down at the beginning of a run. So i think you've got it there. Sarah i mean i don't know if she has niggles like i would say that might just be her body just talking to her a little bit and i mean that doesn't necessarily mean that she needs to go faster. I mean we can talk about that in a second. But i mean other things that she can do to switch it up. That might that without going faster. Are things like maybe going on a trail. Run every once in a while. That would change up the muscles that you use and you know slightly call in more your stabilizing muscles which might actually just put those nichols away. She can cross train a little bit. I mean i know she likes to run a lot and i understand that but making sure that she you know she does get something that feels like. She shouldn't push maybe get on a bike or get in the pool or the elliptical. Something like that for a little break. Yeah i do have to say that the years all blend together. But they're definitely time where. I was running six days a week just because i liked it so much. Yeah yeah and that was when i would kind of limp. When i walked downstairs sometimes people who would see me. You know like walk up to them so that they can kind of see me coming. They'd be like oh something wrong. Why are you limping. And i'm like You think i'm

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