Running Coach Jon Green Gives the Benefits of Getting Feedback on Your Running


Do you believe that everyone should have a coach. Even if that coach is not necessarily setting the workouts. But it's just kind of say looking at it as a whole saying. Hey that might be a little much. I think not coached term light. You can throw coach in there. You can also just throw a friend talk about it. You know what i mean. And that's i mean that's how mullion i started working together at the end of the day was Was we were friends. And i was just like hey listen like i know. Being coached by yourself can be difficult. And so like if you need me to hold a stopwatch like be there for workout or if you need me to write a couple of workouts and that's coming down. His i wrote a few workouts at like two week to week basis and so that was something that like. it was just more of a accountability in especially in the beginning. And i think everybody needs somebody to just like bounce ideas off of and that person needs to know the sport of it. I think they can't just be some amateur runner who doesn't have any experiences just starting out. It's one of those things where Somebody with a little bit of experience. Can king go along way and just helping you get perspective on your own running.

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