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Foster. The median home price in the U. S was up nearly 18% this summer compared to last year. But there are bargains out there, especially if like Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein, you're into older homes and can see the beauty and potential there, even at the House might need some love. I thought it was just this nerdy girl who loved people's houses. I cannot believe you focus hurt for a dollar. It really feels like an old schoolhouse. The Finkelstein's turned their love of historic homes into a popular instagram account called cheap old houses and turned that now into a show on HDTV, just Finishing its first season. I knew old houses were magical when I was two years old and being raised in one episode 10 of Cheap Old House is the last of season one aired for the first time tonight. Monday, September 6th at 10 P.m. Eastern ninth Central part of what we aspire to do on our instagram feed, and our TV show is Let people know that you don't need to know the fancy terms to be able to walk into an old house and feel it's magic and anyone can do this. Yeah. Ethan, you were into old houses to in architecture when you were little. This wasn't a thing Where the girlfriend and then the wife gets you into it. You guys bought achieve old house yourselves. Exactly, Um, sort of Elizabeth and I met in At the time when we were dating, maybe four weeks, five weeks in it was early. It was early too early to ask her. Really? Uh, she I basically asked her. Hey, do you want to move to my grandparents farm for sale? 200 acres and, um, at that moment, it did not work. The house was for $600,000. And it was a Really old house, but the dream stayed true. Um, and we've been on an epic hunts for finding our cheap old house for ourselves. And, um, you know, Yeah. Now now, many years later, we finally bought are cheap old house and are working on it currently? Yes. So then you start this instagram page, I assume just out of You know, love and the passion of it, and it's a perfect medium for it. The photography and this was 2016. How long before it really takes off and becomes a hit? It really took off immediately. I think it It struck a nerve, and I should say from the gecko. This was not ever going to be a moneymaker for us. We did this out of a passion project. We already ran another website called Circa that featured real estate listings for old houses for sale. We still run that site, and this was a bit of a spin off of it. We started to find cheap fixer uppers that interested us and we need a basically a place to put them so we started the feed called it what? It was cheap old houses. And it very quickly resonated with people. I think people especially people on instagram, which is a very millennial, heavy set of people have felt for a very long time that home ownership is a pipe dream. I mean, look, these are people that have, like stealing the student debt burden heavily. They're usually starting. You know they're they're sort of deep in their careers. They're they're stuck in expensive cities. They don't know how to get out of it, and they're just spinning their wheels to pay off their debt. And then they see on our feed a mansion in the middle of Indiana, and it's cheap and it needs them. And that's extremely alluring, especially because this generation And also the Instagram group in general is extremely creative and can see the potential in this kind of thing. So it we never thought we'd have almost two million followers and a T V show. But we we weren't surprised that it resonated people the same way it does with us. Yeah. Look, I live in a nut cheap. Old house 18 87. I've got original tin ceilings have got original floors where I could keep them. But there's stuff I somebody throughout stained west when transom windows decades ago I found out and it's got citing now stuff I wouldn't have done but some people along the way, said Look, I don't want to paint. I don't want to deal with drafty windows. Um, so it is a balance between the beauty and historical integrity with with Modern convenience. Yeah, and I think you know for the for the same glass. If you wish to go back, you know, you can definitely look at a salvage shop and get some stained glass that might suit you. Or you can have someone You know, make you a custom piece. You know, we just connected with somebody in Sunset Park. Actually, who makes custom stained glass. So if you want their information after this call, I would actually Because because because because I'm not sure, because sometimes that is the way to go. I'm not sure that I would want the original stained glass windows or that or that wavy glass where it's where the frame maybe a little bit rotted. I'm letting him wind and rain. But you still get the old look for sure. And just to clarify Nobody here is advocating that you cook over a wood flame before. Thank you Use an outhouse. You know that we have progressed. Fortunately beyond those things, And if you want to have an outhouse in your backyard, just for the look at it, Like more power to you. We actually have a three seed around house. Nice thing it, you know, but but we do. We do believe that You know, there's a big difference between incorporating some modern conveniences and walking into a house and like just ripping out 200 years of history for five minute taste, and that's what we're hoping people will understand, and that also, things are fixable. I think Windows are a great example of this. Wood as a material can be fixed over and over. It can be filled. It can be restored plastic after those windows are over, they end up in a landfill. And it's not a material that you can consistently Work on and repair and, you know, we want people to understand that these old materials were meant We're not as we're not meant to be put in your house and tossed out when tastes change trends moved very quickly today, so things are not built to last as long as they were back then, in many cases, a lot of people like you mentioned younger people may be turning to this for home ownership, and a

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