The Importance of Having A Clear Vision Towards Your Goals


The end of the day it starts with a clear vision. I didn't make this up. I actually picked up from out of all people. Arnold schwarzenegger arnold schwarzenegger is probably the best example. I can think of when it comes to vision. He says it's very important to have a very clear. Simple vision that you can look at the. You can imagine your head in a second because that's your driving force for him. He had multiple visions so at start. It was becoming mr olympia. Which is the highest title for a bodybuilders. And then he wanted to become an a list actor and then he the fill that vision that he wanted to be the governor of california which is the largest state in the us. And i think the eighth largest Economy by gdp in the world. And i picked this up in his book. Total recall his autobiography And it's really important because there are days that are tough. There are days that are harder than others were. You're required to do things each just don't feel like doing Your might be a little burnt out. You might be a little bit tired and might be dealing with are annoying thing and I often have to go back to the vision and say to myself okay. This is what i'm doing this for. This is why it's worth me going through this slog a little bit because it's one step closer to my vision by doing this. It gets me closer to my vision. And that's how arnold schwarzenegger puts it together like every rep. He did got him. Closer to mr olympia. Every set he did gone closer to that. You know that title.

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