The Extrovert's Dilemma


So back in january when we were still in the height of the pandemic. i had an interview with a man who goes by the name run chuck's and he's a high stakes. pot limit. Omaha player and coach very successful has a great podcast and one of the things that he questioned me about. When i went on the show was this idea of hey right now. We're in the pandemic everybody's locked down. There's not a lot of activities for us to be doing a lot of options available to us in our social lives. Don't you think that this is a really great time for everyone. Just hunker down and work really hard on your game so that you get a lot out of this period of time and on the surface the answer is simply yes. It's a great time to work on your poker game and really work hard in studying put in all the hours that you normally might not when the world is opened up and there's definitely another part of the equation that people weren't really thinking about fully and i wanted to address it so what i said was that what you need to do is consider the fact that probably half the people in the world are extroverted by nature and they gain more fuel the gain more energy. They're able to charge their batteries up to get excited and do things and get productive by being around other people. I personally am an introvert. I'm the opposite. And i get more energy and recharged from being by myself and so as an introvert. I can't possibly understand on any level. How people could gain more energy from being with others because for me. It's the exact opposite experience most of the time but for other people who are of that nature. That is true. I've talked to them. They all agree that this is how they start to feel. Better is by being around others when they can't when that's taken away. They feel pretty miserable and they go through long such a time where they have no energy very little motivation very little ability to get extra things done beyond the basics of what's needed to just make it through to tomorrow so for those people being locked into their houses and not being able to see other people do things with the people that they love was devastating and so a expect people of that

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