A highlight from 36: Promo Palace LLC Vlog 36 - Why Press Releases are so important


The clintons traveling right ankle on if you watch it on is gray on facebook if the file don't forget the version goes to apple google spotify amazon is. He cast by dessert. I are playing. fm podcasts. Added pod chasers or you. Can google all pack has found audio versions of these promo palisades. Se thirty six while press releases. First of all of every brand that drops in products in java recipes. Every musician drops ooh sing. Would on how should have a press release and a lot now. A lot of people out of business date really presses like blog post stuff like that. it can't be a blog that manny music news. 'cause just posting you know a song again of description. That's not really news. It's not a music news site or new set. We dig a press. Release zemo young news. Google news actual news sites you know and all this a few reasons why you should have a press. Release for every single song you do. Have you do number one standard. Is this standard to release. Press on your new single. You album now too is good for. Seo purposes you know especially for businesses brands. It could benefit multiple ways for seo purposes specially hyperlink gay website link to specific keywords or whatnot so press releases a standard first of all number one is great. Seo has somebody searches out. Your brand name is ni. You have a lot of pressure so go for searches. Rank rates is your search engine results. It's also good for as artist is good for the algorithms on spotify now. Firefighters algorithms wanted they take into account is press release by how how many news sites or loved sites have like news or content about your saw. So if you have now press release you're not doing. No google news news being nose or any other news sites like that. You're definitely can't own fully benefit with algorithms of spotify. And i'm pretty sure there's other websites like pandora probably alone in apple music. They probably take account of those days as well as five prostrating account of how many blogs post your content or how many new sites post you as part of the algorithms are pretty sure that other platforms are as well like apple pandora because pandora takes account a lot of things. Facebook likes twitter followers of mentions of station as parador plays on pay door. You know so does as account algorithms and another thing is

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