Crop Circles: Alien Messages or Man-Made Hoaxes?


One of the first stories that got people talking about crop circles began one morning in january nineteen sixty six when banana farmer george pedley entirely a town in north queensland australia was driving his tractor through his farm passed a lagoon. George hurt a high pitched hissing. Sound assuming it was a pierce tire. He stopped the tractor to check but immediately saw what he later described as a flying saucer. Rise up at great speed from the lagoon and sip away disappearing into a cloud of blue vapor after registering his complete shock. He went to investigate the site from which he saw the object rise there in the lagoon. George found what looked almost like a massive nest of flattened reads fused together floating on the surface of the water spinning clockwise. It was almost thirty feet across later in the day. George called his friend albert to check it out. It seems to me if you see a flying saucer and a floating nest from where it took off you call someone immediately but george was like. Wow i just saw. Ufo oh well. These bananas are gonna pick themselves. Maybe he was a man who has priorities in order one harvest bananas to call friend about ufo citing when albert got to the lagoon. He waited out in to get a closer look and notice that the reads weren't just bent over but rather it looked like they'd been pulled up by their roots at this point. One of the men alerted the media. I'm guessing it was albert since george seemed to be taking a slightly more lazy fair approach to the whole thing when the local press arrived to more smaller circles were found in one. The reads went clockwise. Counterclockwise also found was a six by five foot rectangle of empty space in the reeds where the reads it seemingly been pulled up from their roots and were missing completely

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