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Bad Voltage


So this this very specifically is my point. This is my point nine an-an-and hello boys and girls are welcome to bad voltage season three episode thirty-five. We are thrilled to have our friend. And compadres jeremy beyond say charlene garcia back in the fall. How you doing jeremy. How was your little extra middle name. Because i was out for one episode. I see that's excellent. You get to that particular point because very confusing by the way and ever-growing ever-changing ever-growing so yeah how was that was the time away. Did you come back with some unique insight that you can share with us on this. Show i so i did listen. I rarely listen to bed. Voltage by rarely. I mean never but i did listen to this one while running the other day and i remember about a year ago. Mr bacon noah sat near living room. We're having a chat about eric. Listening to the show on her commute sometimes and literally yelling out loud in her vehicle. And i was had some a moment of camaraderie there because i think at one point in the middle of the road while running. I was like what to reply two weeks later. A synchronous lee. So i'll give you all pass. It's it's got to be even more annoying for you when you know that you can talk to about. This was interesting hearing show that. I'm usually part of in having a comment but not being able to make some comment. Well feel free to contact us on the formal join slack channel. So i was honestly a little bit nervous about you. Get back so. I good to say to act if you if he go on further shit. Dad's back now. We could have been trump. Oh i remember when. I got back from the run right down a couple of notes so i could harass you both a little bit right now and i went ahead and forgot so you get you get a pass good. Yeah yeah i'll yet john jerry's back and you're to be in trouble all jeremy's back before. Yeah exactly it's like we receive a spreadsheets before we get on this data about what we were wrong about. Excuse me here's a pie chart here that all right so we're going to do news for the entire show because we like to do that So do not kickoff. Mr language with something for exciting to talk about. Yeah now i'm one interesting thing down to about is i don't know if you've heard of Now it's fishing code. I think joan gabriel's greater internet. Fuck walsh theory these. I'm the guy who draws petty all become extreme.

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