LA Times Calls Lary Elder the 'Black Face' of White Supremacy


I think about it. My friends think about the los angeles times printing a piece. That says that. Larry elder is the black face of white supremacy. And tell me why that paper deserves to be read. I'm canceling my subscription. I can't believe. I haven't cancelled my subscription. It's it's it's junk the la times just turned into junk. Not every reporter at the la. Times is a fraud however or an anti-american hater. however they say nothing about the anti-american haters so the. La times consists of anti-american haters. And people who don't speak up. Why is there not one individual. In the entire los angeles times edifice that said that is frankly going over the top right. Remember when william buckley took on the john berks society the the there's no self criticism on the left because you can't be too left. That's not possible you know it's printed people here and then they don't react. We're inured to left-wing hatred. There was literally nothing they could say that be would say. Ooh that's really it's over the top. If men give birth is normative then. Larry elder being the black face of white superiority supremacy. That's that's that's normative too. That's that's where we are

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