The Similarities Between The Cases of Suzanne Morphew and Sharon Garrison

Drowning Verdict


I'm gonna talk about sharing garrison to kind of unearth. What may have happened to suzanne. And where her body might be found because Let's face it. That's what it seems like today a year and Three or four months later. And that's just a sad sad story but let's flash back to sharon garrison who was in breckenridge colorado so not too far north. I believe of salida where The morpheus lived but that was in the year. Two thousand where sharon was married to Her husband at the time chuck air since she had been married before and divorce and so forth had a few daughters similar to the more fused. They've got a couple of daughters Sharon garrison had three daughters. I believe however There was a lot of bad blood between her and the husband chuck pearson on their property records. Colorado i think authorities or well-versed in what was going on with them and the fights. They had some of the threats that The husband had made to the wife and even the wife calling nine one one Probably about a year and a half before her murder of saying. Hey if you find my body you know who did. It was the the husband and so what happened. There is similar to suzanne more few. There was a missing persons case. One day she's there next day she's gone and as you know in the suzanne more few case the The bike was found by the of the road as kind of a symbol of something happened to her. The bike was machine She likes to go for bike rides. It's mother's day. Yeah kind of makes sense that that could happen. She could go out on her bike and disappear somehow in the original kind of idea. That berry was leading people with his dad. Something happened to her. Like wild animals are mountain. Lines got to her. However in the case of sharon garrison it wasn't a bike but a chevy blazer and the husband had literally taken the car and driven it to another area to kinda make. It look mysterious that she had been in that maybe she left in the car. Abandoned it on the side of the road and then something happened to her and was abducted. Which is you know trying to take the cops off the trail. That you know divert them that something happened to them other than a domestic dispute so i find that similar in that. We have the missing bike and at that time a car which was indeed planted by the husband to make. It look like something had

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