T. Rex Was a 'Foodie,' Scientists Find


There was a paper that came out recently called complex neuro vascular system in the dentistry of tyrannosaurus and it was published in historical biology by so chiro koby and sochi tori. And it's around how t. Rex may have had a sensitive tip of its snout like that displayed. A source horny yet but the headlines were more about it being a foodie or a picky eater. Where's the display a source. One was like it was a tender lover. It it's a really interesting. The two different headline types. There's a lot of reasons. It would be useful to have a sensitive snout so to kind of summit up. I liked the way the new york times article. Put it quote. T. rex to eat blindly and basically t rex had these complex nerves and the tip of the jaw may have been sensitive and that would have helped. Tell the difference between soft tissue and other parts of the meat. It was eating so then. If it was available it could choose to eat the soft parts interesting. Which is why people were talking about being foodie. So what the others did was they. Cat scan a left mandible or job. t rex. It was an immature specimen. That was found in the hell creek formation. And they also. Cd scanned some other orna. Fisken's like triceratops montessori fuqua stores and they looked at extent crocodilians and birds and what they were doing was they were looking at the neuro vascular canal. That's this combination of where small blood vessels and nerves collagen fibers and sells stored fat. Were and in t. Rex the neuro vascular canal in the dentistry has this complex branching pattern actually similar to extend crocodiles and what they said were. Tactile foraging birds on his which are also known as ducks. Kind of interesting to think of t. Rex being similar to a duck So they assumed that the upper job t. rex had a similar

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