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Ghostly is a podcast that comes out every other week and each episode. We take a ghost story or paranormal event. And look into its complete history. Rebecca then gives us evidence proving that the story israel and my job is to debate pieces of evidence angered you the listener prepared to vote on. If it's real or not if you have it yet please hit that subscribe button and as always where your host. I'm pat i'm rebecca. I'm never rebecca. No no no. You can't be sorry there's only one there's only me what's been going on with you. Were back You know trying to enjoy the last Of summer here. I made like a weird pair desert. That turned out really good. Oh tons interesting. yeah. I don't know how to pronounce it. I'm not the biggest pair fan. I'm not either but yeah. There were some extra pairs that. Why don't you try to pronounce it. Rebecca cook cliff autists. Click quote clo-. It's probably french fries. Yeah or yeah probably full clip out cloth altis. I don't i honestly. I'd have to look it up but Sounds yummy. it was it was it turned out. Pretty good yeah. Maybe you should go on english speaking show. Oh if only i was good enough for that man and british By you anything going on you know We've been doing a lot of ghostly stuff so i've just been full force one hundred percent into go-slow lately so we are gonna be doing elgin fringe fest on september eleventh. And because of that we're gonna be talking about bluff city cemetery there which is in elgin right so We got invited by friends at hands on paranormal to go to a paranormal investigation. In a seance over at bluff city cemetery and michaela our good friend mahela was doing the seance and so we did that one evening but the thing is one thing you can say about any cemetery at night. You can't really see much yet that's true. Also that it's pretty spooky. Yeah it's you know always going to have that inherent kind of spooky nece especially. We were there at like midnight. So yeah it was late. Yeah and So yeah so we we did do that. And then we needed to go back to above city cemetery to see it during the day because we didn't really see much. I mean we heard about stories and stuff. And i can't wait to do this at elgin. Fringe fest yeah. No there's definitely things we're gonna try to we're going to chat about. It's going to be a super fun. A few are in illinois. Or if you wanna come to avoid west area or wherever exactly and you wanna come elgin fringes super fun yes if you never met mentor fringe fast. Just weird crazy shows yards cool. Different things pretty inexpensive. It's very inexpensive in fact Ghostly is not charging anything for our show We always wanted that way. You know Last time we sold out and that was one of the options we charge people to get in to see our show and that would limit how many people are going to be there. But we didn't want that so we went with. We're gonna we're gonna still do it. You know for free and Here's the thing. they are limiting. How many people are going to be in there. Everyone when everyone should know. Yeah if you're coming it is gonna be a safest can be mad. The capacity will be limited. I'm still get there early. Might even have to. I while doing the show. But it'll still be super super fund. Something fun to do. And you walk around outside going into the different venues But but it does cost three dollars to see any show there. That three dollars goes to French so that they can put on these kinda shows They try to pay all their employees. And everything like that. Anybody that helps out in the show. And i'll be running sound for three different podcasts. That day yeah. It's it's grossly. Go sleigh it'll be super fun and also we have another really big event coming up and that's the raf house and that's what this episodes about right. Yeah this is going to get us ready So we we did. A facebook live with neil and John the owner of the roth the current owner and it was so cool that we decided we were going to make that an episode So that's where we're gonna be doing here. We do have some shouts though right we do and can. I just make one quick announcement before we do. The shouts is that i am a were. We are relaunching. The book club the ghostly book club two point oh viewpoint super super excited. We're going to have it in an october. Check your emails. You may already have an email or we'll be getting one soon if you've signed up after me. No more lame books no more. I don't think anyone lane. What do you think any book is lame. That's also true. No idea but but now we're going to have superfund superfund book Just spooky scary know. Have the superfund book. Right of superfund scary. Buck i'm sue. I'm very excited about it. It's going to be good. It's going to be in october. So take your email if you aren't in the book club

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