Kane's Tottenham U-Turn



Let's what harry kane shall we because we now know he will be staying at spurs. He tweeted this today. I'll be staying in the sun and we'll be one hundred percent focus on helping the team achieve success. So many tweets starring today you on because of course you've gone on record many times saying it's a done deal to city it's still happening dot. It's should i was stone. Do not see us today. Because the information i out from his campaign it was done so i've got no idea what's happened there. Power from hurricanes agent on himself be an absolutely daniel lead. That'd believe he'd up to the max. That's it i mean i i mean i'm i can't think of a transfer saga that's went on where i think. All the toll free actually not happy donna. Levi's left with the play on a four or five year contract own fortunes where he could have got one hundred and fifty million pound or close to guardiola's because he doesn't get the money once and spurs for the planet probably hasn't any resale value. They try and keep him on three or four years. So i've got no idea what spurs plan is here or hurricanes plan. What you maple craig giant giant goal just life in general coming up maintenance statement. Oh that's nonsense out. Strive for success. This what success had success. It's not bunny hopping. Oh that's nonsense. I mean seriously. They try and does not close until september false donate become maintenance. Statement is trying to a piece of pulled as they. You want to leave. We know you wanna leave and rightly so you've just gone about your representation of going the wrong way. The the problem here is as has representation at the time of saint in contract should have a release close. There's not difficult

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