WW1: The Schlieffen Plan


One of the most remarkable things about the first world war. Is that everyone sought coming. Well no one knew when it would start or what would be the trigger. All the parties involved knew that such a war was eventually going to happen. The germans saw the writing on the wall. Almost a decade before the war started most of the alliance's which were put into play for the first world war. We're developed in the aftermath of the franco prussian war of eighteen. Seventy and eighteen. Seventy one during this war which was really the last major war of the nineteenth century. Prussia defeated france taking the border territory. Known as alsace lorraine it also indirectly led to the creation of a new country called germany which was a union of prussia. Bavaria in a few smaller german speaking states france seeing this new unified germany posing an even greater threat than just prussia signed a treaty with russia in eighteen ninety four which stipulated that an attack on one country would be an attack on both. Both countries saw germany as a threat and their alliance was used to put germany in the position of having to fight a two front war. Should they choose to be belligerent. It was this strategic reality. That the chief of staff of the german army field marshal elfriede vansh lifan had to plan for lunch. Lifan was the head of the german army from eighteen ninety one to nineteen o six in late nineteen o five vansh leaf and realized that the world had changed dramatically. Russia had been soundly defeated in the russia. Japanese war railroads have made the movement of troops easier and the telegraph and the telephone had made communications faster. Weapons had improved and had become more lethal bunch leaf than felt it was necessary to totally rethink. How germany would fight a war against both france and russia. There were several big pitcher assumptions that virtually in made which went into the development of his plan. The first was that if a war with france and russia turned into a war of attrition. Germany would lose. They simply didn't have the manpower or resources of a combined france and russia to take them both on simultaneously second was at russia's military had been vastly over estimated their defeat at the hands of the japanese showed their weakness and they would soon recover from that defeat. Vansh lifan estimated that russia would take at least six weeks to mobilize before they could seriously begin to challenge germany.

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