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Good morning and welcome the kid news. I'm kim today's wednesday september. First twenty twenty one and we begin with one country lowering the boom on screen time effective today. China says it's banning kids from gaming during the week and over the weekend will only let them play for three hours total and it's not just any three hours. The only acceptable time for those under eighteen to power up is reportedly between eight and nine pm. On friday saturday and sunday evenings. Beijing says the intention of the crackdown is to unhook kids from their screen addictions. How will it be enforced. According to forbes gaming companies operating inside that country we'll have to track user accounts and kick people off the platform. Once they're sixty minutes is up. China isn't new to these kind of restrictions before this three hour limit it had capped kids usage at ten and a half hours per week. Mother nature is full of surprises. Danish researchers recently stumbled upon. What is quite possibly our planet's northernmost island it's in the arctic waters off greenland and measures only one hundred feet wide by two hundred feet long the scientists who found it were on an expedition collecting samples from what they thought was hudek. A known island until now the northernmost landmass when the team spotted something fishy about their coordinates turns out. They weren't on hudek at all but a half mile north of it. According to the researchers their newly discovered. I'll is a pile of seabed. Likely dredged up from powerful storm for that reason. They're not sure how long it'll hold the northernmost record before being swept away a popular destination for the upcoming holiday weekend is nearly a ghost town this morning. Flames from a massive wildfire continue to creep toward the southern end of lake tahoe in california tens of thousands of residents and tourists packed up and moved out monday. As firefighters. turn voluntary evacuations into mandatory ones. First responders even went door to door urging people to leave and most did creating bumper to bumper car and boat gridlock on the major roads. Down the mountain at about the same time. The us forest service extended the closure of all eighteen national forests in california through mid september because of tinder dry conditions. According to those on the front lines the fire activity. They're dealing with this. Summer is on a level. Never seen before hint and you shall receive a pizza party in space space station. Astronaut hollowness bali got the dough rolling by mentioning in an interview. That pizza is the earthly food. He misses the most. Nasa heard him loud and clear and in the next resupply mission sent up enough individual pizza making kits for the whole crew. Turns out the event wasn't too different from pizza night down here. Except there was no gravity to keep the crust from floating away even as the astronauts tried to top them with squeeze -able sauce cheese olives meet veggies and yes even the ever controversial topping anchovies. The space dwellers then wrapped the pies in foil. Cook them up. Cut them with scissors and tucked in mid air for more on life two hundred miles up checkout a space podcast for kids which is talking to the crew today and eleven. Fifty five am eastern. You can find a link on nasa tv. She's not even in kindergarten yet but her discovery has the insect world. A buzz onaca are of palo alto. California has what her parents and. Cbs news calls a knack for nature. And it's that talent that helped her find two colonies of super rare sting list. These little buggers. That experts thought had disappeared decades ago. They typically live in brazil but we're brought to several cities in the us in the nineteen fifties to boost the size of local crops until hannukah's fine experts thought they had all died off so far. She's not publicly revealing where she made her big discovery so as to protect her special place credit also goes to her caregiver who is a biologist and has reportedly spent a lot of time connecting hannukah with the outdoors in other kid news notes. Kovin shots for kids under twelve could be approved by christmas according to pfizer board member and former fda director dr scott gottlieb the company's vaccine for five to eleven year olds. We'll be ready for federal review next month. If the process is smooth he believes shots will be an arms by late fall or early winter as far as adults more and more are rolling up their sleeves according to the white house the average number of daily vaccines in the us has jumped more than eighty percent since july. That's it for kid news now. Today's kid news quiz. What country is limiting video game use by kids to three hours a week. St- china a massive wildfires closing in on what famous vacation spot. St- lake tahoe. Kovic shots for kids under twelve could be available when st- by christmas what was floating around in the international space station last weekend. St- pizza in today's kid news science fiction or reality perhaps a little of both a flying car has just completed a thirty five minute test flight in the central european of slovakia after landing collapsed its wings turned into an automobile and just three minutes and was driven to the center of the capital city. If and when it gets to market the air car's expected to cruise at a speed of one hundred eighty six miles per hour with a range of more than six hundred miles before we go. We want to shout out our kid news teachers. Starting in minnesota mrs bankston and her super respectful students at murray county central west in slayton and mrs generic and her titans at tcu lonsdale in lonsdale. Mrs crocker ham at lawrence. High school in lauren. Louisiana mr swab rows and his amazing crew at alton village public school in burlington ontario and miss whitehead and her class of dog lovers at seoul road. School in wilbur ham massachusetts. Thanks for listening everyone. We'll see you back here for more kid news tomorrow morning.

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