Are Israel and Palestine Really Working Things Out?


In this past sunday. Israel's defense minister and deputy prime minister. Benny ganz traveled to ramallah on the west bank and met with palestinian president mahmoud abbas it was president of buses first official meeting with a senior israeli politician in more than a decade wolves. This perhaps a transcendent diplomatic breakthrough a first step towards a just and lasting peace between israel and palestine. Eight tantalizing glimmer of a bright dawn of coexistence and cooperation. The short answer is no the longer answer. Hopefully at least long enough to pat out the rest of this explainer is roughly as follows. Forest dot describing mahmoud abbas as palestinian president while technically accurate since two thousand five is practically vaguely ridiculous even at his best about has been effectively president only of the west bank which is more or less governed by abbas faction fatah for the last decade and a half palestine's other patch gaza has been controlled by the islamist militant organization. Hamas who might just about pay israel more than they loathe fata. But you would not want to try living on. The difference and abbass is long past his best. He is eighty five years old and has not attempted to renew his mandate since being elected he is now sixteen years into a four year term. This becoming of palestinian democracy is not entirely his fault. It is one of many symptoms of the standoff between fatah and thomas but abbas occupies the office he occupies so it is entirely his responsibility and abbas generally has caught an unimpressive figures since skulking out of the shadow of palestine's irrepressible salesman yasser arafat

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