Charlie Kirk Tells Us About His Turning Point USA Student Action Summit


He's charlie cook the founder. The president the ceo of one of the important most important institutions in america turning point usa. Welcome to the swab giant. Dr gorka thanks for. Let me your studio earlier. We had a lot of fun anytime anytime that was his opening of the student. Actions summit that we held recently in a very hot place do somewhat cooler next very hard. You had a suit and tie on ice shocked. Everybody i gave my speech with no time. No we we changed outfits i swapped. We did we did. We did a little roll reverse right there but it was an amazing event. Tell list is across the nation. What is the student action summit. How big was it. And what was the message. It was four thousand plus young students. You were terrific by the way and that was just boy. It's like two weeks ago. I know from students from all fifty states really gearing up for this next semester of activism and it was an incredible response we had governor onto santa's there ted cruz. Was there mike. Pompeo is there. Donald trump junior and really kind of gives you hope when you see four thousand students in a room ready to take their country back and that's one of many conferences we've done over the summer. We have our young women's leadership that we did our chapter leadership summit. We've a whole campus to glang all yet black leadership summit coming up this fall just at our young latino leadership summit. So we're not we're not sitting still. We have our staff training right now in phoenix arizona for well over one hundred thirty fulltime people. We have on staff so got a country to save but slow down. You're married mallika marriages. How god wants you to live to reach the highest levels of potential and flourishing. So we're finally in a place where we can really really hit our inflection point.

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